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Individual Risk Management Activities

Wellness Programs

Individual Risk Management Activities: IRMA is the next generation of disease management products. By using the latest technology IRMA offers hands-on self-help programs that are personalized for each member of your population and uniquely customized for your organization. IRMA can be either emailed or mailed to participants. They are designed to allow participants an opportunity to learn new skills one step at a time. Best of all, IRMA cost less than traditional health management programs.


Features and Benefits


  • Lowers Medical Utilization

  • Targets High-Risk Participants

  • Customized for Your Organization

  • Hands-On, Engaging Interface Materials

  • Supports Disease Management Initiatives

  • Cost Effective - Less Than On-Site Programs

  • Based on Proven Behavioral Science Models

  • Personalized for Each Participant


Available Topics


  • Allergies

  • Back-Care

  • Cholesterol

  • Exercise

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Seat Belt Safety

  • Smoking

  • Stress

  • Weight Management

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