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Wellness Programs

Health-E-Letters was created as a low cost alternative to our traditional Telephonic Health Counseling Program. By using email to deliver the same tailored messages and goals that our Telephonic Health Counseling program provides we can deliver the program at less than a 10th of the cost.


Features and Benefits


  • Specific to the combinaton of risks identified for each person

  • Based on goals that are small, achievable and targeted for reduced risk or improvement in disease

  • Provides education in manageable "bites". Participants take one or two ideas away from each email. We synthesize the massive amount of information available to assure that the points taken are exactly the ones needed for change

  • Based on successful messaging used in our Telephonic Health Counseling Program

  • Provides weekly (or any time specificity) emails that are tailored by name and risk. There have been many studies done on the importance of personalization. Most studies reveal that, name, gender and risk specific issues are the key tenets to tailor to in communication

  • A program evaluation is provided at program end. The evaluation helps us to do continuous program improvement as well as track the effectiveness of the program

  • Can be customized to reference existing programs offered by the employer





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